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Model No: A-Board

2 x 32” HD Low Voltage Screens
1 x 48v Lithium Ion Battery (16 hours Usage, options up to 64 hours)
2 x DSDevicesDSCS9 Client players
1 x3G/4G Router(optional DVR 3G/4G Router)
2 x 720p HD Cameras (optional)
Xibo Digital Signage Cloud CMS
Anti theft lock loop
Dimensions –H: 1208mm x W: 656mm x D: 511mm
Warranty: 1 Year RTB

The 2 x 32” Screens are capable of HD video and pictures in portrait, supporting ticker tape, clock and much more. The solution is powered by Xibo cloud CMS. Updates to the content occurs by the DSDevices DSCS9 client player checking the cloud CMS every 5 minutes for any changes. The A-board is cable free and completely mobile. All screens are controlled remotely via TeamViewer for diagnostics and upgrades.2 x 720p HD cameras, optionalfor face recognition, footfall and security.

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