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What are DSDevices?
Digital signs rely on a variety of hardware to deliver the content. The components of a typical digital sign installation include one or more display screens, one or more media players, and a content management server. Typically there is a display screen, a media player, and a content management server that is connected to the media player over a network. One content management server may support multiple media players and one media player may support multiple screens. 


DSDevices offer two configurations of the product namely the server (content management system) and the client (player).  
The basic specifications meet the requirements of the 'Xibo' open source software but DSDevices are fully customisable to meet individual requirements for Windows or Android .

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Who we are... 

EV4 Ltd manufacture bespoke devices for an array of niche vertical markets.

The devices are currently based on the Intel Bay Trail architecture which affords processing power without the need for cooling fans. The devices can be customisable with up to 8 GB of memory and have support for SATA/mSATA HDD and are capable of running Windows, Linux and Android.

EV4 Ltd was incorporated in March 2012 by Keith and Amanda Hamilton  

Keith Hamilton – Director  
Keith has developed his creative technical skill set over the last 30 years. He has consulted and project managed a broad array of technical projects. 
Amanda Hamilton – Sales & Marketing Director 
Amanda’s background is direct marketing for the IT industry. She has managed key accounts and helped deploy new marketing strategies and campaigns.

What our customers say... 

"We purchased 21 x DSDevices client players to replace an old solution. So far, the DSDevices have been extremely easy to utilize. We have found the main benefits of using the solution are ease of use, minimal set up and works out of the box".  
Kartr Higgins 
Section Manager – IS 
TS Tech Alabama, LLC – Alabama, USA 

"We were a start up business looking for a digital signage solution; other options considered were too expensive for our budget. DSDevices gives a good solution for flexible display of menus and POS material in our coffee shop and reception areas. The main benefit for us was the ability to quickly change displays, to drive sales via special offers etc. DSDevices works well, was simple to deploy and even a non techie like me can use it! We are pleased with the DSDevices solution and will use it again at future sites". 
Cliff Nicholls 
Managing Director 
Jump Extreme Ltd – Chester, UK 

"The installation of 15 DSDevices client players was so simple to set up and begin using. We have found the main benefits of buying from DSDevices were direct access to the company for ordering and support. We would definitely recommend DSDevices to anyone considering purchasing, they work like a charm!". 
Quinton Barber 
Manager, IT Services 
Oregon, USA 

"We were new to DSDevices digital signage but found the installation of 7 client players to be very simple. We would advise anyone considering purchasing". 
Thiemo Noack 
Information Technology Manager 
Michael Wessel Informationstechnologie GmbH – Hannover, Germany


Q. Does DSDevices Client auto power on?
A. Yes DSDevices powers on once power is introduced

Q. What is the power rating of DSDevices DSCJ18
A.  DSDevices DSCJ18 uses 100 - 220V AC to 12V DC power adapters 

Q. Does DSDevices Client support Windows
A.  Yes the DSCJ18 supports Windows 7, 8.1 and 10

Q. Does DSDevices Android Client support screen orientation
A. Yes screen orientation configuration is found under settings 

Q. Is DSDevices Rooted
A. DSDevices DSCJ18 is not rooted but Xibo for Android is installed as a system application to enable automatic upgrades and reboot without the need for rooting

Q. How do I change my region
A. Change your region under settings > date and time

Q. Does DSDevices support remote access
A. DSDevices DSCJ18 does not support remote access but does support automatic upgrades and reboot from CMS

Q. Does DSDevices have Google Play store
A. No Google Play is disabled on DSDevices Android

Q. Does DSDevices support touchscreen
A. No, there is no touchscreen driver installed and Xibo currently does not support this function

Q. What version of Android is DSDevices running
A. DSDevices DSCJ18 is running Android-IA 4.4.4, Intel architecture



Client configured with Android or Windows OS and Xibo client


Vesa/Wall Mount
32GB SSD for Windows OS


DSDevices Server is configured with Ubuntu OS and Xibo CMS

1U Rack Mount 

DSDevices manufacture plug and play devices for
Xibo powered Digital Signage solutions

What Xibo say about us...

"DS Devices/EV4 Ltd has worked closely with Spring Signage and the Xibo project to deliver a reliable and cost effective hardware platform for Xibo for Android.  
Spring Signage are pleased to be working with a UK based company to ensure that after-sales support for the hardware is not an afterthought." 
Alex Harrington 
Spring Signage - Xibo 

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